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Citrus Eucalyptus - (10 Sachets)

Citrus Eucalyptus - (10 Sachets)

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Enjoy the sweet taste of quince paired with spicy ginger in refreshing a cup of MAANA Citrus Eucalyptus Adaptogenic Tea. Specially crafted for cold winters, this tea is perfect for everyday consumption with its sweet & spicy flavor.

  • Organic Ingredients: MAANA Botanicals sources the finest ingredients to utilize in all of our tea.
  • Calm and focused: Our proprietary blend of adaptogens is intended reduce fatigue, increase stamina, and boost immunity. To help your body mitigate stress throughout the day.
  • Respiratory Relief: The effects of eucalyptus & herbs in this blend make it a perfect choice for cold winters or support year-round.

Sip into wellness with every cup of Citrus Eucalyptus Tea! Each individual tea sachet is fortified with our adaptogen blend to provide you daily energy and support your overall health.

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